Should I get pre-approved before I begin looking at homes?

Yes, absolutely and with a reputable local lender! A local lender gives you the opportunity to work with just one person versus a team or call center. The benefits of pre-approval are that you assure a seller you can afford their home when viewing or entering into a negotiation. It also provides you with the comfort of knowing you're looking in the right price range. And, if you end up in a competing offer situation, you have your pre-approval ready to go. I recommend working with Jeremy McMichael at A Plus Mortgage Solutions.

Do I really need a Buyer's Agent?

I highly recommend working with a Buyer's Agent. This gives you a Realtor who is looking out for your best interest when it comes to knowing the market, assisting with financing, negotiating your contract, navigating the inspection process, working through the appraisal process, and informing you about the local community.

How long does the process take, from the time I find a home, until I can move in?

From the time we successfully negotiate a contract it is typically 45-60 days to move-in. That timeframe can also be negotiated to a shorter time period or longer if need be. The length of time it takes to actually find a home is purely up to you as a buyer and market inventory.

How do I know what is best to leave in the house, or take out, when showing my home?

I will work with you as the homeowner to decide, based on the rooms, what's best to leave or decorate with. Sometimes less is more. We want to give a buyer opportunity to picture their belongings in your home. Having a professional home stager/organizer can help, also. A great resource to work with is Laura Sauders at Healthier Spaces!

How do I know when it’s the right time to sell?

The right time to sell depends on when we think your home is ready based upon its condition and any needed repairs. It will also depend on the current market inventory and average days on market. This is something we should discuss a few months in advance of putting your home on the market.

Will the appearance of a neighbor’s home impact the sale of mine?

Yes, it just may and that can go either way. Homes in need of repair or maintenance on the outside can impact your homes' value in a negative way. Conversely, a lovely, well-kept home next door may increase your value.

If I want to be out of my home by the beginning of the school year, when is the best time to put my home on the market?

We first need to evaluate the typical market time in your neighborhood. Then we will work backwards from the beginning of school. Usually, we allow 90 days. This can vary greatly depending on your neighborhood/school districts typical market time.

Is it more valuable for me to update my kitchen and bathrooms if they are original?

Yes! However, keep in mind we need to take into consideration the year your home was built as well as the square footage. We also need to evaluate other homes in the area that have sold in the 6-8 months and review any upgrades to those homes. The key is to make sure we don't price you out of your neighborhood. Check my Preferred Business Partners page for a list of trusted resources!